Super Bowl winners are not only named the champions of NFL, they also go on to receive millions of dollars in contracts and become the biggest celebrities in America after their victories. The Super Bowl is an annual American football games which determines the champion of the NFL. The game involves the winning team from the American Football Conference championship game facing the winning team from the National Football Conference championship game.

Since 1967 when the merger agreement took place between the NFC and AFC, teams have been competing to receive the Vince Lombardi Trophy, named after the great coach of the Green Bay Packers. It was this team that won the first two Super Bowls, raising questions over whether the AFC was good enough to compete in the event. Originally the NFL and AFL, the two leagues combined into one league in 1970 and instead split into two conferences, with 3 NFL teams converting over to the AFC to equal 13 teams on each side.

The term Super Bowl was created by Kansas City Chief Owner Lamar Hunt after seeing his daughter play with a toy called the Super Ball. Only supposed to be a nickname until an official name was released, the term Super Bowl has stuck with the game ever since. Since the first game in 1967, the AFC has managed to win 11 Super Bowls with the NFC blitzing in with 23 Super Bowl championships. New Orleans and Miami seem to be the favourite places to host the Super Bowl as they have both hosted the game 9 times. The Pittsburgh Steelers are definitely the team to beat as they hold a record six Super Bowl wins to their name with the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers coming in with five Super Bowl wins each.

On the other end of the ladder are the Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings with four Super Bowl losses each. However the teams that have never appeared in a Super Bowl match are the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars and New Orleans Saints. Apart from the great players who have record amounts of touch downs, Mike Ditka, Tom Flores and Tony Dungy can brag as the only people to have the Super Bowl as both players and coaches. Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison will always be remember for holding the record of the longest run in the Super Bowl with 100 yards in 2009.

Super Bowl Winners 2009-1990

Year Winning Team Score Losing Team Venue

2009 Pittsburgh Steelers` 27-23 Arizona Cardinals* Raymond James Stadium

2008 New York Giants* 17-14 New England Patriots` University of Phoenix Stadium

2007 Indianapolis Colts` 29-17 Chicago Bears* Dolphin Stadium

2006 Pittsburgh Steelers` 21-10 Seattle Seahawks* Ford Field

2005 New England Patriots` 24-21 Philadelphia Eagles* ALLTEL Stadium

2004 New England Patriots` 32-29 Carolina Panthers* Reliant Stadium

2003 Tampa Bay Buccaneers* 48-21 Oakland Raiders` Qualcomm Stadium

2002 New England Patriots` 20-17 St. Louis Rams* Superdome

2001 Baltimore Ravens` 34-7 New York Giants* Raymond James Stadium

2000 St. Louis Rams* 23-16 Tennessee Titans` Georgia Dome

1999 Denver Broncos` 34-19 Atlanta Falcons* Pro Player Stadium

1998 Denver Broncos` 31-24 Green Bay Packers* Qualcomm Stadium

1997 Green Bay Packers* 35-21 New England Patriots` Superdome

1996 Dallas Cowboys* 27-17 Pittsburgh Steelers` Sun Devil Stadium

1995 San Francisco 49ers* 49-26 San Diego Chargers` Joe Robbie Stadium

1994 Dallas Cowboys* 30-13 Buffalo Bills` Georgia Dome

1993 Dallas Cowboys* 52-17 Buffalo Bills` Rose Bowl

1992 Washington Redskins* 37-24 Buffalo Bills` Metrodome

1991 New York Giants* 20-19 Buffalo Bills` Tampa Stadium

1990 San Francisco 49ers* 55-10 Denver Broncos` Superdome

* – National Football Conference

` – American Football Conference